An exciting new wordless picture book app that inspires your child to be the storyteller.



Create and record your own stories together using our wordless picture books. Simply use your imaginations to describe what’s happening in the pictures, creating the story as you go!

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Play back and listen to your favourite storytellings again.

Educational entertainment

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Bring your children’s imaginations to life! They will love now being able to tell you how the story goes, which can be different every time. Wordless picture books are fantastic tools to help introduce children to books and foster a love of stories.

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Creating stories together with your child is not only a lot of fun, and a great bonding experience, but highly educational too! Using Imagistory will help develop your child’s creativity, language and important early literacy skills.

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Imagistory is a fantastic learning tool for the classroom: The open and versatile nature of wordless picture books means that they can be adapted to work well with any curriculum and are beneficial for all reading levels.

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Choose from an ever-growing collection of beautifully illustrated books.

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You can now share your stories too! Whether it’s with family and friends, or even as a teacher sharing a student's story with a parent, you can send stories via email or as video.

The Imagistory App Privacy Policy

We take all our users privacy very seriously, particularly your children’s. Our user experience has been designed from the ground up to not only be simple and user friendly, but safe for little hands too. We’re careful to follow industry best practises and guidelines including COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). We hope to be as clear and transparent as possible in this privacy policy so you have a good understanding of how the Imagistory app works and how your information is handled. If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch and email

In brief:

Personal Information

We do not receive, collect, store or share any personal information created by using the Imagistory app. The term “personal information” includes:

Put simply, the stories you create using the Imagistory app are only stored locally on your device unless you choose to share them. Imagistory does not see or hear your stories, we do not store them and we do not share them with other users. The only way Imagistory can receive personal information is if you choose to share one of your stories with us the same way you would share a story with a loved one. We always enjoy hearing your stories so if you think you have a good one feel free to send it our way (note: any stories we receive will be kept private and not be shared without your prior permission). Who listens to your stories is up to you, which brings us to..

Sharing Stories and Social Media Integration

We think being able to share stories with loved ones is fantastic, but as we’re sure you will agree this is a feature that is best controlled and managed by the grown-ups, particularly with the personal information these stories contain. Because of this all story sharing functionality in the app is behind a parent gate.

You can share a story in one of two ways, either as an email attachment or by turning the story into a video which can be shared through Facebook or the iPads camera roll. Note: A video of a story does not include actual video footage of the storyteller, only the name of the storyteller and their recorded voice which is played alongside the pages of the book.

When someone sends you a story via email, opening the attached story file (an .imgr file) using the Imagistory app will automatically save it to your collection of recorded stories in the listen section.

In-app purchases

All in-app purchasing in the Imagistory app is behind a parent gate and usually requires your password depending on your device settings. We are aware that in-app purchasing has been a source of contention with many parents in regards to some children’s apps which take advantage of the in-app purchase functionality, encouraging and enabling young children to accumulate in-app purchases (often overpriced too) without parental consent. This is not our intention and is why we have the added parental gate required to purchase new books. Having in-app purchasing allows us to continue to grow our library of books available for purchase, and allows us and our artists to keep doing what we love, making wordless picture books! We recommend utilising the iPads built in parent controls and safe guards which can be found in the iPad’s settings screen.

Advertising and external links

The Imagistory app has no third-party advertising. We do have a few external links to our website and social media pages however these are only present within the parents and teachers section behind a parent gate. There are no other external links.

What we do collect

The only information collected by us at Imagistory is anonymous usage data, through Google Analytics, Crashlytics and Mixpanel. This data contains no personally identifiable information and is completely anonymized. Usage data tells us things such as whether our app is crashing and why, which books are being read the most and even a rough idea of where are users are coming from (such as the country and city). Collecting this information is important for us to be able to improve the app and publish better stories. This anonymous information may also be shared with third parties for the purposes of improving the app and books, such as with our illustrators and our app developer Resolve Digital.

If you have any further queries please feel free to get in touch and email us at